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The web series "I'm No Hero" is 2Bridges Productions original web series about Leia, Freddy Brewster and Harry the Insta-glam, celebrity of a doll. Harry is the sole witness to a brutal murder by a malevolent spirit, and an ancient magic has trapped the soul of a teenage girl into the mannequin doll. Now, the spirit has come back to take the souls of Leia and Freddy, and only Harry can save them. In this episode titled "Friend," Leia and Freddy are about to embark on their journey to shoot the film that will re-enact the murder that made Harry an urban, Instagram legend.

The series is on hiatus for now, as we work on various projects. But it was fun shooting the series as the culmination to the question of "how to become a screenwriter" is to actually make the film. We did just that, and we thank all the actors who made this possible. We're working on getting more funding (and specifically time) to revisit this project. Perhaps, one day it might even grace the big screen of Hollywood. Always dream, always aim for the sky because that's what having a good imagination is about.

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